Where I live … Idaho. It’s beyond beautiful here. My home is among pine trees … a duck-paddled creek ambles along in back. The skies here look like the fake backgrounds in picture postcards – blue innocence dolloped in clouds, the horizon embraced by ice-crowned mountains. Breathing is pleasure – in summer, warm earth and brisk green. In winter a frozen purity, a distinct absence of scent. Two dogs and two cats follow me on walks to the lake – a massive expanse of peace content to adore the sky. One dog is a large lab mix with an adoring gaze that turns head-patters to goo, and the other is a fluffy white panting tail-wagging little fellow. The kitties are young and swift, a tabby and a shiny black one, they chase and surprise and tumble and tree-climb. I just walk.

I write for a living, I write to continue our shared life stories with friends, and now I’m writing a book proposal to which an agent will say ‘yes’. I’m writing to you. I hope you’ll write back, comment, critique, compliment, tell me anything you want to tell me.

Oh, and theatre. I love theatre! I’m a playwright … I love actors, love them too much, probably … they are the thoroughbreds of life, so beautiful and high-strung and gifted.


  1. Interesting comment about actors and thoroughbreds. As a lifelong thoroughbred lover and sometimes keeper, I often think of writers and some other artists (and some lawyers, being so afflicted myself) as not unlike race horses in particular. Intensely powerful and commanding yet vulnerable with equivalent if not greater vulnerability. And as high strung as a summer day is long.

    Write on, lovely one.


  2. The description of where you live made me want to move in with you, lol. I lived in northern Utah for a bit and had the chance to visit Idaho once. It really *is* beautiful there. I had no idea until I was there what it was like. It’s one of those best-kept secrets in the US.


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