VANITY PRESSES: What they are and what they do

Pauline is amazing example of prolific writing, thorough research, well-chosen focus, perseverance and ultimately, success. A great source for aspiring writers.

vanity presses

Vanity presses.  This is an interesting topic I’ve come across many, many times.  I’ve talked with a lot of people about it and have had some experience encountering these types of companies.  Often times aspiring writers don’t know the difference between a real publishing house (or print on demand service) and a vanity press.  So I’m going to break it down for you.

How do I know whether it’s a vanity press? In other words, what is it?

First off, how do you know when you encounter a vanity press?  It’s pretty simple.  If the company is asking for money – and I mean a large sum, not just a few bucks to pay for an ISBN – it’s a vanity press.

A vanity press is, in short, a company that acts as a publisher but charges you (the author) a large amount of money to do this for you. …

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    1. “Buyer beware” would be a negative way to say it, so I think “buyer aware” is better. One has to know what one is doing or one will realize what one has done when it’s too late for one to undo it. Perish the thought! Seriously seeking smelling salts …


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