The mistake not to make

Wayne Hastings is a publisher who is generous enough to share his experience and wisdom with authors on an on-going basis.  This article, for instance, gives four key points on creating promotional materials for the prospective agent/publisher that clearly communicate your topic and who you are. Every article like this saves me from making a mistake that could cause the rejection of my book.


  1. It’s so good to read about the process you’re in the midst of and how systematically you’re going about it. A lot of the advice you’re sharing also applies to musicians who publish their songs and market their CDs. I am enjoying your journey!

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    1. I subscribe to the blog for the Steve Laube publishing agency, and I’ve learned that many of the things that pertain to developing characters and plotlines apply to playwriting and directing! I never thought of so many things as being similar in process and effect.

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  2. I just went over and read the advice from Mr. Hastings—-thanks for including that link! Of the four things he advises that you have before you contact a publisher, you have the first three, for sure. What about #4? Are you doing readings of your work? Or sharing it in some other way? And is that what he means by “being well-received”?

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  3. When I was at the Parable, I gave several chapters to colleagues to read. I was glad I did because their reactions helped with my writing voice and also helped with what to include when describing the scenarios. They suggested that I include chapters on GOOD things he did, for instance. I learned all the lessons from butting heads with Tyler, but their suggestion made me think of other lessons I can extract – even now – from funny, generous, kind things he did. It was great input – very valuable.


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