Version number three and counting

So first I was struggling with writing ANYthing for the book proposal, and now I have three! How did this happen, you ask? Well, I plunged in and used a format given in an article recommended by the agent. Getting it done was like shrugging off a bearskin coat and letting the furry mass thud to the floor. THEN, I reviewed the agent’s personal suggested outline and that morphed into yet another book proposal version. Now I’m re-referencing the agent-recommended book, “Book Proposals That $ell”, which will probably birth an even heftier version. After that, I will undertake the mind-convulsing task of blending all three together into a proposal so vast it will cause the agent’s desk to sag. The agent will steady his sliding computer with one hand and call Rent-A-Crane with the other to raise the proposal off his desk and into the shredder. He will enclose the equipment rental bill with my rejection letter. Or – I will miraculously blend all the key points in an intuitive flow so phenomenally persuasive it will catapult the agent into the CFO’s office to issue me an advance. Maybe somewhere between the two scenarios, you think?

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  1. I think you’re going about this so meticulously and mindfully, that you will knock her socks off when she has the honor and pleasure of reading your submissions. She will be sitting there grinning and sockless and grateful for the pleasure or working with you.

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