If prospective agents ever read these posts, I’m doomed. They’ll order extra alligators for the moat. Ever since I decided to write a cover letter and book proposal, my freelance writing assignments found a stray Viagra tablet somewhere and multiplied like happy little rabbits. I need the income, of course, but I am completely unhorsed (alligators, rabbits, horses  – ye gods) as to my original goal. Now I wouldn’t share my brain scatterdom with just anyone, you understand. Only with you, my fellow salmon, leaping and straining to make it upstream in the publishing process. (Add salmon … at this point, why not?)

Right now, I am sitting outside in spring/summer sunshine beneath an indecisive sky. Birds have trees for chat rooms and they are discussing life at eloquent length all around me. I’m sitting at a round plastic table beneath the pines, my laptop connected by an infinite extension cord. Thunderstorms appear, thunder and storm, and disappear with unpredictable suddenness here, so I could be a literary lightening rod right now but is any risk too great to take for one’s book?

I will now attempt to summarize my book in 40 words. Not here, in this blog – but after I post this. Why not now? Because the 40-word summary only exists in conversation to friends when I explain that I can’t write it. Suddenly, there it is! And I frantically enquire, “What did I just say? Do YOU remember it?” “Um, of course,” they reply supportively, “You said …” and then they amble off into a long discourse, paraphrasing the aforespoken 40 words in about 2,000, which is what I do every time I try to write it. Wish me luck.

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  1. Rich with imagery, this post sets a tone of hopefulness and looking-forwardness that leaves me wanting more. That’s such a good thing!! Love the ideas of bird chat rooms and the indecisive sky.


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