Writing is the easy part

I’m just starting the process of writing a book proposal. I’d rather be dragged to the top of the Himalayas by a crazed Sherpa and eat beans with an ice pick. I’m telling you, writing a book is the EASY part. I knew what I wanted to write, I ensconced myself in a view table at Starbucks and sat there with a pen, a yellow pad and a mindful of memories and lessons learned that I wanted to share. Easy. Fun. Now? Ye gods either Greek or Roman, I have books, I have multi-page step-by-step printouts, I have 10 easy ways, 20 simple ways, not to mention 14 foolproof ways and the top 5 ways to write query letters, cover letters for the book proposal, and the book proposal itself – a multi-level, multi-page, multi-faceted gargantuan maze of facts, story summary, exhaustive marketing and personal promotion which will astound the publisher, enthrall the agent, mesmerize the entire publishing committee and make me immortal, in print. In this document, I must share how I will market my book to at least 10,000 people and get endorsements from hugely successful authors whom I do not know. Um, okay. I have ordered three books on promoting books. At least someone is selling books from this process! It isn’t me yet…

The book was easy. Now I’m mentally doing the “circle of death” that my computer does when I ask too much of it too quickly. Break. I need a break. I need courage. Where is the Wizard of Oz when you need him? I need coffee, I need … No. Wait. I am a committed, highly focused professional. I will … binge-watch NCIS for a few hours…NO! Yes. Um …


  1. Yikes. This is why I never tried publishing the novel I once wrote and haven’t abandoned my day job to chase my true dream. I wish you success, endurance and buckets of whatever you may need to do this.


  2. Where is the Wizard of Oz? Ha. “Not nobody, not nohow,” says the guard. Or maybe we are both stuck in that moment just after Dorothy has revealed the man behind the curtain, only no one has told us low class Emerald City citizens.
    Good luck!


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